Six Loves

Al Kohallek Goes On A Love Feast

God, our Higher Power is the only subject that more songs, stories, books and poems are written and talked about than love. You would think that everything that can be said has been, however that which is infinite can never be exhausted. As an attribute of God, love is infinite with a great many agents, channels, and forms but these will not or cannot add up to the infinite whole. At the human conditional level we could be ever expanding.

A fair question you may ask is; why another workshop on love? Love has been and still is the second most important and fulfilling thing in my life, yet I cannot get enough receiving or giving of it. The primary purpose for this workshop is to share a little information that could make a difference in your experience of love.

For this workshop we have placed love into six loves groups; Agape (Spiritual Love – God is Love), Storge (Affection – Nurturing), Philia (Friendship), Eros (Being in Love – Romance), Primal-love (all inclusive expressions), and Self-love (the least understood). The division of love may be endless but these six will due for our purpose.Most of us have from time to time tried to generalize love as though one love fits all. For example: a woman and a man may be the best of friends (Philia) and they decide to add romance to the relationship (Eros), perhaps a little sex is included. Before long all kinds of problems come up, the fun flows out, the demands charge in. Example: A sponsoree feels a deep sense of gratitude for their sponsor (Storge – nurture) and thinks they are in love (Eros - romance). Example: Primal-love is a manifestation of love from the most simple forms of creation to the most complex, an expression of Omnipresence and seems to be Agape (Spiritual Love – God is Love), the First Cause where Primal-love is an effect, an expression. Example: Perhaps the most harmful misunderstanding is that self-love and selfishness, ego driven self-centeredness are one and the same. All relationships are expressions of love, but often we need the Eyes to see beyond the appearance, and this vision comes to us by grace. This little workshop could help us to be open to that grace.

Let us remember even for an instant, this moment, to realize that we were/are created by Love, for love, to express love, the appropriate love with whomever we are drawn to. To learn more about the appropriate love to express is the purpose of this little workshop.

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