Spiritual Transformation Cycle


Al Kohallek Is Guided ThroughA Spiritual Transformation Cycle

What is a Transformation Cycle? How does it work? What’s in it for me? As spiritual beings in a human experience/condition we pass through many different types of cycles at every level. In each of these there is some growth and some transformation, however the Spiritual Transformation Cycle is far more intense. It gives a profound meaning to the idea that we must die to be re-born.

The following is a pathway through a complete cycle of a spiritual transformation. Which is one of the greatest fulfillments we can experience in this human condition and one of the most fearful, painful and dangerous experience we can have, sometimes it proves to be fatal. At some point in our life experience everything stops working, this time has been called the Dark Night Of The Soul. Our fighting or resisting the natural cycle can cause great problems, fear, anger, depression, destructive acting out or turn on one’s self. The more we try to live on yesterday’s bread – experience, the more pain, frustration, anger and fear. This is a time; I believe that many of us do very destructive things to our self and or others. Our Higher Power or Higher Self will direct and guide us if we are willing to surrender to the process. Pain comes from our resistance – so let go and let our Father guide us Home.

If you are not going though a transformation at the present time it could still be useful for you to work through this workshop, when the Dark Night Of The Soul does come you will have some understanding of what is going on.

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