The Promises Inventory

The purpose of this Promises’ Inventory is much like the Growth Questionnaire that is to help determine how much change and/or growth you have experienced since coming into the Program. The following are some one hundred and twenty five promises from the first 164 pages of the Big Book, Alcoholics Anonymous, reprinted with permission. Most of us begin to receive some of the promises as soon as we enter a Twelve Step Program. We believe that is useful to remind ourselves of this fact.Suggested ways of using this inventory: There are four columns on the left-hand side, each time you go through the list of promises you note the ones you have experienced with a check mark. At the top of this first page we have provided a space to place the date of each run.We suggest that you do the first run ASAP. You could make a run on your yearly Program anniversary. Or you could make a run when you get a little down. SHARE THESE PROMISES AS A GROUP MEETING OR WITH ANOTHER PERSON, YOU WILL FIND THAT YOU WILL GET MUCH MORE INSIGHT INTO YOUR PERSONAL “reality” AND YOUR PROGRAM

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