Finding & Claiming Your Heart´s Desire

  • Finding & Claiming Your Heart´s Desire
  • Finding & Claiming Your Heart´s Desire
  • Finding & Claiming Your Heart´s Desire

Everyone has a Special Gift to give to others.
If you listen to the wisdom of your heart, you will know what it is. The secret of happiness is to use your Special Gift.
The secret to abundance is to give your Special Gift to others.

Piero Soderini, a wise leader of the city of Florence wrote the following letter of introduction to the Cardinal of Voterra regarding a young artist named Michel- angelo. "His manner is such that, if appropriately treated and addressed, he will do the impossible. Be generous towards him with kindness and affection, and he will accomplish things that will astonish the world". It was in Florence that Michelangelo took a rough piece of marble and chipped away everything that did not look like the vision of David he held in his mind. Be generous towards yourself and others with kindness and affection, and you will accomplish things that will astonish the world you live in. Chip away everything that does not look like God's Vision of you and you will experience your Heart's Desire - Purpose - Mission - His Will for you - that Spiritual Flow, flowing in conscious union with your Spiritual Gifts.

Our Mission (awakening to the individual Self we were created to be with pur- pose and meaning), is indeed a Spiritual Gift and is synonymous with: our Heart’s Desire, our Mission, God’s Will for each individual, that Spiritual Flow, our Purpose and our Meaning. An old adage says: “God has a plan for every- one, and He has one for you.” We shall never be happy for long nor experience the fullness of life until we have consciously found our true place. No other person can do this for us. No one else can seek and find God’s Will for us. One of the greatest keys to finding, claiming and living our Heart’s Desire, Mission is embodied in the program of Alcoholics Anonymous. This process is an addi- tional tool to use in concert with the A.A. program. Let us remember even for an instant to seek the Voice of God and follow all His ways.

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