The Green eyed Monster - Jealousy

Al Kohallek And The Green Eyed Monster

In Lois Remembers – memoirs of the wife of one of the co-founders of Alcoholics Anonymous, she writes that the only time she worried about Bill getting drunk was over jealousy. Let her tell the story. “The…incident happened while we had four or five alcoholics living with us at Clinton Street. I was beginning to feel rebellious, since Bill didn’t seem to need me anymore. But one of those boys did. I needed to be needed. So I spent much time trying to help him out of his difficulties.

Pay Forward 3rd Edition

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Al Kohallek Goes Stepping (5th edition)

This Journey Will Take Us Through The Twelve Steps Using The Twelve Steps And Twelve Traditions Plus The First 164 Pages of Alcoholics Anonymous

Plus The 5th Edition of the Workbook Al Kohallek Goes Stepping In Forty Days

Al Kohallek Goes Twelve Stepping (out of Print)


Al Kohallek Goes 12 Stepping This Workbook includes all Twelve Steps, Which may be applied to any area of our life.

“A.A.’s Twelve Steps are a group of principles, spiritual in their nature, if practiced as a way of life can expel . . . . ." (Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions). Something spiritual will expand with its use. Material and ego things deteriorate with use.