What Will I Ask For? “Pay Forward” # 97

I greet The Indwelling Abundance.

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - What Will I Ask For?  When a friend first came to this country, he would eat at the same Dali every day. He spoke little English. The only thing he knew how to order was soup, which he grew tired of. One day the person ahead of him ordered a corn-beef sandwich, it really looked good. My friend ordered a corn-beef sandwich. The waiter asked him, “whole-wheat or rye?” Give me soup-pie. I’ve had the honor, the pleasure sharing with so many gifted people; I am truly grateful. For some newcomers, just not drinking was enough “give me soup-pie.” Living Alcoholics Anonymous’ program it didn’t take long before they went way beyond “soup-pie and corn-beef.” Having a Spiritual awakening changes the way we see and experience life, we are introduced to our Father and our Higher Self. Awakening inspires us to receive and give the love we are; receiving and giving are two sides of one coin. Encouraged by seeing others daily practicing A.As’ way of life, we take the opportunity to share our gifts and talents; we can venture beyond the “Dali” (just not drinking). Living by Spiritual Principles, in all of our affairs, we find our illusions of separation slip into nothingness where it belongs. Where does the darkness go when the light is turned on? Darkness like separation has only the “power” we give them. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.