Preparing Ourselves

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is Spiritual. Let us exercise our spiritual muscles, preparing ourselves for our next awaking. How about some prayers, meditations, affirmations and or a little contemplation workout? We may choose to be still for a few minutes, stopping our chatter, listen for a little guidance and look at the proof of our Father’s Presence within any of His creatures. Talk at least one of our Alcoholics Anonymous members into joining daily Spiritual workout. After all, we are part of our Father’s Handy-work. The life force within us connects us to one another; in fact, this life force connects us with every other living being. As part of our Spiritual workout let us practice asking our Father for our heart’s desire, and follow His guidance. Let our Father take us on a great adventure within. Let’s let our private, self-made world be still for a few moments giving ourselves an opportunity to experience the impossible. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.