40 Day Divine Treatment Center “Pay Forward” #9

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – 40 Day Divine Treatment Center. I need to detox from my oldest addiction; the “drug” guilt and punishment. I am committed to a Divine Therapy; a radical 40-day recovery program within. Let us remember that our Father created each of us to express a tiny part of His Holy Wholeness. You and I have a real purpose. Our Creator maintains us from within; we call it life, and will do so until our mission is completed. About 30% of the time I know that’s true, sometimes I want to believe it, but the largest percentage of time I don’t even think about it. Yesterday I found myself in an old ditch, wasting time and energy partaking in my “drug” of choice, guilt and punishment. I would not judge another for the same “crime” calling for forgiveness. Oops, I just remembered when I commit to change my characteristic, that’s all I think about. My detoxing from this “drug” seems “omnipresent.” I call on my “Avenging Hero” to punish me,” that’s not the solution. The love I needed was withheld by me. Also I should be better than this by now is blocking my true Healer, our Loving Father within who has to do for me what I cannot alone and unaided. Love and service is great unblocking helper. Once again I am calling for tender mercy and forgiveness, as I return to Love dwelling. “I pray that I may wear the world like a loose garment” 24Hours a Day. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.