Crossing Out “Pay Forward” # 89

I greet The Indwelling Presence.

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Crossing Out.  As I surrender my defects to be transformed into assets; it’s like a crucifixion, meaning a crossing out. Calvary means “the place of a skull.” My crucifixion begins with my owning what’s in my skull, my personal “reality” and surrendering it.  My Spiritual journey made me aware of my Higher-self and my lower self. I am conscious of the love I am. I am aware of our Father within all of His creatures doing the works called life. Every day is our Father’s Day, not a calendar day, but a Spiritual Reality. A.As’ first nine Steps allow us to own, to detach and stop fighting with our personal “reality” world view. Step Ten keeps us open to a cleansing action. Step Eleven is an upgrading of our conscious contact with our Father and our Higher-selves. Step Twelve is our awakening to our rebirth. As the result of our Father’s grace, we experience the death of our old personal “reality” and the transforming our defects into assets. Then we are able to practice the love we are. We have the tools to practice our Spiritual awakening in all our affairs. I’m ready to stop fighting everyone and everything. I’m open to our Father’s Love and Will. As I assimilate His Divine nourishment. I enlist my personal “reality” into His service. Come; let us be about our Father’s Business. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.