Steps Beyond The Extremes “Pay Forward” #89

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Steps Beyond The Extremes. “Only the very exceptional individuals push to their extremes.” (William James) I was very exceptional as an alcoholic before A.A. and sometimes after. I would go to any length to get what I “needed.” I would say that was pushing me to my extremes. I don’t think William James was writing about that kind of extreme. Soon after I came to the doors of A.A. I found myself willing to go to any lengths to get what A.A. had to offer. I was given the strength and ability to go beyond survival. It is as if I got my second wind, beyond my basic needs and desires. I found a way of life, that I am willing to go to extremes to do my little part. When, my willingness to do our Father’s Love and Will became uppermost, I was more than willing to go the extra mile. It is as if my heart’s desire to live this way of life called up a store of energy from within. Yes, it is our Father within doing the works that we call life, which in its self is an extreme for me. When we find ourselves pushed to extremes, and we feel we have no more reserve, we can take a deep breath, and ask our Father to give us the grace of our second wind. Stepping beyond the extremes, Love and service become the cornerstones of Alcoholics Anonymous. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.