An affective Affirmation From The Past “Pay Forward” #81

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – An affective Affirmation From The Past. I’m suggesting that you start your day the next 40 days using the following affirmation. It’s a very good investment. Upon awakening I turn to You Father, I am filled with love and gratitude. I am devoted, dedicated, committed to do Your Will Father, consciously known or unknown. I am receiving whatever it takes to rewrite and rewire my personal “reality” with the Spiritual, mental, physical, emotional, social equivalents of Your Will, Father for me on my serendipity journey Home to You. I listen to Your Holy Voice directing me in a way I can currently hear understand and follow. I see Your Presence with my eyes of faith. Father I am as you created me, Your child; all humans are my loving brothers and sisters. It is You, Father within me doing the works that we call life. Father I do love You, and my Hero Your Son and all my Spiritual teachers. I am taught by your inspired words and my daily events. I want You and I need You and yours. I say to all openly or silently come let me love you, heal you, teach you, forgive you, empower you, enlighten you, enrich you, communicate with you, co-create with you and awaken with you, and I will, I have, I am. This is the day You have made, Father let us rejoice in it and share the love we are. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.