Daily Opportunities  “Pay Forward” # 80

I greet The Indwelling Source.

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Daily Opportunities. As our sensitivity to the Spiritual dimension of Alcoholics Anonymous awakens and develops through our daily practice. Our awareness of our Father’s Presence in the ordinary activity increases. We are likely to feel called to turn within to our Father without knowing why. Through our daily practicing the Presence, the quality of our Spiritual life is developing and enabling us to pick up the loving vibrations from the world we never believed possible. Perhaps we can understand the suggestion that we are to pray always, without deliberately going apart; we find our Father’s Presence in the midst of our daily life. Daily living Alcoholic Anonymous we can accept our Father’s grace at deeper and deeper levels. Negative sensitivity, feeds our worst enemy, Fear. Our Father transforms our fear into an asset. As we awaken to our purpose, we realize we can make a good difference daily. We only need to be willing to accept our Father’s grace. Believing in the omnipresence of our Father within has given us a purpose, and opens the storehouse of His Holy Attributes, which we are free to use. The opportunities for Spiritual growth are present day by day in ordinary life. When the love of our Father and His Will is the principal motivation, ordinary actions transmit Divine Love. We have nothing to boast about, but a great deal to be grateful for. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.