No More Masking Tape “Pay Forward” #72

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - No More Masking Tape. Father I do love You, and my Hero Your Son, and all my Spiritual teachers. I am taught by your inspired words and my daily events. By the grace of Your inspired words I realized a common problem of mine; I am trying to unconditionally love with conditional tools. My radical training to rewrite and rewire my personal “reality”, in its place can be useful but it will not transform my defects into assets, only our Father’s grace can do that. Practicing my radical training I accept my sins (missing the mark) as useless or harmful, I surrender them to our Father within for upgrading, freeing me to relate Reality. My radical training is a conditional process to help clear the path for His grace. I am no longer content with patching up my personal “reality”, it needs new wiring replacement, not just masking taping, no wonder it keep shorting out. My Hero commanded us to love our Father and to love one another as He does, as a sheer gift, to pour itself out, to surrender to our highest self, which is love. “You shall seek the Lord, your God; and you shall indeed find Him when you search after Him with your whole heart and your whole soul” Deuteronomy 4;29. Let us share all the love we are for now and that is our perfect gift. Do it now, don’t delay, we will not pass this way again. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.