Being A Junior Partner “Pay Forward” #7

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Being A Junior Partner. I am reminded of my partnership with our Father - I accept that I am way down the line as a junior [His son] partner - and it is clear age does not matter to Him - I have a tiny place in His Operation - which is grounded in the mission He has assigned me - my Spiritual maturity and possibility a little upgrade as His junior partner depends on my demonstrating each of the ten elements of my mission. His will needs to be done; of course this can only come about through His grace, so I intend to stay in conscious consistent contact with the Home Office. It is my understanding that we are freely furnished with an abundance of everything we could need - even the state-of-the-art High-tech equipment [with support], and a great labor pool [all junior partners] to draw from. I am in radical training and I know I will not be punished for my mistakes, unless I punish someone else for their mistakes. Our Senior Partner has assigned each one of us a unique part to play that only we can fill, that’s real job security, no chance of being replaced. No one is in competition with another. There is more than enough of everything for each of us. Our Senior Partner will reveal to each of us what He would have us do. I am so deeply grateful. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.