Intuitive Wisdom Is Of The Spirit “Pay Forward” #66

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - Intuitive Wisdom Is Of The Spirit. Thank You, Father for this Intuitive Wisdom, Spiritual Discernment, and common sense. Sometimes I get flashes of intuitive understanding, and I really listen to it, and I am obedient to that “inner Voice.” I know it is a gift of grace; it is so different than my “personal “reality” voice.” I don’t, as a rule question the message I receive when it’s intuitive. I may act as if I am my own creator and that is ok with me as long as I remember at best I can be a co-creator in union with our Father’s Will, realizing it is our Father within doing the works called life. My works alone and unaided is fathered by my personal “reality.” It isn’t long before I experience what I make up as an illusion or too limited. Today I choose to act as if I am in our Father’s Presence doing His Love, and His Will. I choose to enlist my personal “reality” into His service. I choose to act as if I am a loving, wise, useful brother to all. I know my happiness; my fulfillment cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. I am willing to do my little part, which keeps me open to our Father’s Loving grace. I have an intuitive faith that our Father is doing for me what I cannot, causing me to experience a gratitude deeper than my words and works. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.