Divine Judgment “Pay Forward” # 66

I greet The Indwelling Spiritual Discerner.

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Divine Judgment; a spiritual consciousness.  Human judgment is the mental act of evaluation through comparison or contrast. Our choice - sense perception or spiritual awakening and understanding? Practicing A.As’ principles in our daily life offer us an awakening.  Let us be merciful in our mental judgments, for in truth; we are all one.  We experience ourselves as we judge others.  The more deeply we seem to err; the more urgent is the need for us to help ourselves and others that come to mind, with the ideas we want for ourselves. As we free others we free ourselves.  Be true to our highest ideals; stick to our spiritual guns, in conscious union with Divine Judgment, in other words, our Father’s Love and Will.  If only we could accept criticism, as well as we accept praise, letting our Creator be the finial judge.  What are our heart, mind and soul leading us to do or be?  Call on the indwelling Presence within, be still through prayer and meditation, watch and listen, the answer will come. Trust our Father, He knows what’s best for each of us, after all he created us, as an individual with a purpose.  Take the action or inaction we are guided to do and to be. We are going to get back what we give away, I learned that in Alcoholics Anonymous, we must share what we want to keep and expend.  Thy Love, Thy Will be done.