Patience “Pay Forward” # 65

I greet The Indwelling Calmness.

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Patience.  Is an attitude of mind characterized by poise, calmness, and a quiet restful trust, especially in the face of trying conditions, centered in the depth of the love that we are.  Practicing the spiritual principles we are freely given in A.A., whose roots are founded in Christ’s  teachings, We will development patience. Living the spiritual tools we are given will cause us to experience a spiritual awakening and a growing understanding, and a way of life that really works.  Our patience depends on our view of life, and nurtured by a working relationship with a Higher Power, which I choose to call our Father.  If we are selfish and self-centered driven by fear and the “ism” of alcoholism or other addictions we will have a hard time experiencing patience.  Most of us who have passed through that dark night will confirm the hell on earth it is, self-control is out of the question, and we find out how difficult it is to change our habits of thoughts. A.As’ spiritual principle opened me up to receive grace; my real Solution.  When our thoughts and conduct are in agreement with our intended created purpose, we enjoy the calmness within our heart, mind and soul.  To get whatever we need to live our heart’s desire, our inner life must be on the path of our Father’s divine design.  Let us wear the world as a loose garment.  Thy Love, Thy Will be done.