Honoring Or Impairing His Works Our Choice “Pay Forward” #63

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Honoring Or Impairing His Works Our Choice. I listen to Your Holy Voice directing me in a way I can currently hear understand and follow. Our Father is so merciful by guiding us in a way we can understand. We can know by the fruits our thoughts and actions bring, if it is Love it is our Father’s Will, if not, it’s not His Will. I was deafened by the hum of my own voice. Now I have a Spiritual ear and I listen within the depths of my Being/being, where everything is possible. Surrendering all of me even for one moment at a time opens a whole new world-view; governed by our Father. I wait and listen within the invisible silence until I get my “marching order.” I do not want to mistakenly impair or block our Father’s works by my misguided efforts. My efforts do have a place and that is in alignment with our Father’s Love and His Will. Come let us stop the chatter even for an instant and listen, and wait for His guidance. Let us be open to our happiness and sadness as they arise. “The stilling of the human soul, in order to give God place within you is a far more purer way to pray…If you learn to pray in this way, you will feel true purity within and a new eagerness about living. You will have discovered how to set your free to soar” Bernard of Clairvatix. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.