Reset Our Vision

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is imagination. “What we now experience we may cease experiencing if we have the will and the imagination to set our vision in an opposite direction and hold it there. It is the office of the imagination to set the vision" (The Sciences of Mind, page 418). I imagine that I am taking full responsibility for my personality "reality." I imagine that I no longer blame anyone or anything for my decisions and actions. I imagine by taking full ownership of my conscious and subconscious world view - in which I react and overreact to - gives me the right to surrender both the good and bad to our Father. I imagine His Love and His Will being done, 24/7. I can imagine my love and will are in alignment with His. I imagine that I am accepting His changes out an enlighten self-interest; a gift of grace. I am imagining that I have no resistance to life, as is. I imagine that I will smile a lot, and others will smile back today. I am imagining that my service to others is wise, loving and useful. I image that I will intuitively how to give and receive the flow of divine Love. I image that I am in the right place, with the right person, doing the right thing, my timing is just right. I need to stop imaging right now and get ready to experience all that I have imagined. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.