By Your Grace Father “Pay Forward” #59

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - By Your Grace Father. I am
loved, healed, taught, forgiven, empowered, enlightened, enriched, communicated to, co-created with and awakened. This affirmation is finding my way back to the missing part of me, reclaiming my created self. For many years I was grieving for that part of me I never knew, yet I long for it before I came to AA. I drank a lot over the loss of something I never consciously had. Not only was my grieving a way to survive a unknown hurtful loss, but it was a way I could learn to live more creatively through and beyond the loss, into a deeper Spiritual part of myself. My life has been and still is a serendipity journey, taking me to places I never dreamed of. I have a growing trust in our Father and an abiding faith in His grace. I love doing His Will by sharing the mission He gave/gives me. The resolution to change our values and habits is not enough to alter consistently our personal “reality” and the behavior it engenders. Coming into conscious contact with our Father through prayer, meditation, affirmations and action will open us to His Omnipresence within that can and will do for us what we cannot alone and unaided, bring about this profound healing. We can see through the eyes of the world, or the eyes of love, I choose love. “I will arise and go to my Father” Luke 15:18 Thy Love, Thy Will be done.