Divine Healer “Pay Forward” # 58

I greet The Indwelling Divine Healer.

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Divine Healer.  Is an inside-job.  As soon as a healthy physical body is wounded the healing begins.  Also, it’s spiritually, mentally, emotionally and socially.  Each created being is a manifestation of an individually- divine design.  A spiritual healing is the affirming that divine design joined with the Divine Union returns it back into its intended expression.  This raises our consciousness to a spiritual reality where healing power originates.  A doctor removes obstructions and creates environment where the natural healing can take place, and so it is in Alcoholics Anonymous.  Practicing A.A.’s spiritual principles in all our affairs is Love, opening us to a larger vision of life.  We are able to extend unconditional love to those who still suffer, at some point all of us suffer, but love is a healing power that brings us back to wholeness.  Seeing the Invisible with the eyes of faith doing the works called life begins to regenerate the individual Divine Design and that is the healing we seek.  I have received healing in some major parts of my human condition.  In four areas the healing came in the form of a spiritual transformation, the home of my defects.  I come to believe that our Freedom and our healing must come from within, in union with the indwelling Presence within each of us as an individual Divine design. I am grateful for the people who help me keep things in perspective. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.