Our Father – Do I Really Mean It? “Pay Forward” 58

Today’s “Pay forward” gift is - Our Father – Do I Really Mean It? I make it a point to say Our Father at each beginning and of course in my daily prayers. Are these just words or do I mean that our Father – Creator is my real Father, meaning every human is my spiritual Brother or Sister. When I consider how wonderful it would be for my greatest heroes and heroines being my spiritual Brothers and Sister gives me a great uplift. Oops, what about my worst enemies? Perhaps the greatest enemy of mankind is man himself (includes herself), and me. An important lesson I’ve learned in A.A. – we have two great teachers – what to be like and what not to be like. How can I treat the worst of the worst with reverence, when I don’t consistently treat those I love or myself with reverence? How can I see beyond appearance and judge with right thinking, my greatest Hero told us? I am blessed with the understanding of an infinite principle, that no one can deny – That which we eat and drink is transform into what we can life. It does not matter who we are or what we have done or not done, if we are alive it is being done within each of us. Our Father must love all His Children. I’ve come to believe what we call punishment is not our loving Father doing, but the consequence and correction for our misuse of life. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.