Keep A True Sabbath “Pay Forward” # 56

I greet The Indwelling True Sabbath.

Today” “Pay Forward” gift is – Keep A True Sabbath.  A very wise person said, “Sabbath was made for man, man was not made for Sabbath”.  I choose to have a rest time, Sabbath, every day, from my useless chatter.  I daily spend time in prayer, meditation, contemplation and affirmations within the silent invisible Presence of our Father.  I’m seeking realignment with His Love and His Will.  We can improve our conscious contact with our Father, and rest in the true Sabbath. Every day is a Sabbath; a day of worship and rest.  Omnipresence, in a perfect circulation.  In perfect assimilation of His abundant grace.  And, perfect elimination of all that is spent.  Our Father does not rest from His works every seventh day, if He did we would really have problems.  I do want to worship our Father in Spirit (consciousness of Wholeness) and Truth (His Reality), as I understand it, here I fine rest and peace.  Let me love and serve all I am drawn to. I have to deal with undigested thoughts and feelings I don’t want.  As I embrace and own the unwanted, I can surrender them for upgrading in a Sabbath mind-set, it is easier. On this Sabbath day lets us choose to see through the eyes of an optimist, if we don’t like the results we can always return to the pessimist.  Let us rest in the consciousness of the true Sabbath, and be joyous, happy and free. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.