Our Home Group

Today’s Pay Forward” gift is - Our Home Group. “Show me a man who cares no more for one place than another, and I will show you in that same person one who loves nothing but himself" (Robert Southey). [And I'll show you a person who has not found an A.A. Home Group.] If that person was anything like I was, then he didn’t even love himself. In 1957, I was a homeless homeowner. I had a house but not a home. I didn’t realize the first night; I was brought to Alcoholics Anonymous that I had found a home, because I did not know what a home was. My growing up place and the place I was living in 1957 was not a welcome place, I caused it that way. A Home Group is an important part of our A.A. way life. The Step Seven prayer: “My Creator, I am now willing that you should have all of me, good and bad…” Paraphrasing: My Creator, I am now willing to share my good and bad, my sanity and insanity, my selflessness and my selfishness, my sobriety and dryness, my love and not love with my Home Group. In other words, it’s helpful to see each other, just as we are. Come Home as soon as you can, the door is open. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.