The Serenity Prayer As Step Seven

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – The Serenity Prayer As Step Seven. We suggest in our Step Study Workbooks, to use the Serenity Prayer for Step Seven. “God grant us [me] the serenity to accept the things we [I] cannot change.” I cannot change the reality that our Father created me [us], or the Truth that He is within me [us], as the first cause, maintaining life. He is transforming the food, I [we] ate into everything I [we] need to live, move and have my [our] being. I cannot change other people, or the past. “Courage to change the things we [I] can.” I can take responsibility for not practicing Alcoholics Anonymous’ way of life nor our Father’s Love and His Will 24/7. I can own the good and bad within my personal “reality.” I can surrender it to our Father to transform into workable assets. I can stop resisting, for long, any change. I can focus on what I really want instead of what I don’t want. I can allow myself to accept abundance and love. I can be of real service. I can be willing to accept His promises. “And wisdom to know the difference.” I can trust our Father for everything; I do, say, think and feel instead of trusting my little personal “reality.” I can seek through prayer and meditation His Love and Will and the power to carry it out. By faith I accept His mercy and grace. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.