The Divine Helper “Pay Forward” # 50

I greet The Indwelling Divine Helper.

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – The Divine Helper.  A.A. does not get into religion or politics; a very wise decision.  I am not writing this in a religious context, but as the reality of the Spiritual way of life.  A.A. is based on Jesus Christ’s teachings.  If our Creator had not planned to make Him a continuous working factor, the way-shower, there would be no purpose for His having been sent.  When Jesus Christ came into the world His mission was to heal and correct the illusion of the separation from God and others.  Awakening as the results of living A.As’ spiritual principles, we take on some of His attributes.  If our Creator had no good purpose for Alcoholics Anonymous it would not continue to serve and grow.  For every one alcoholic using our spiritual program, seven are using it for other human dis-eases.  I wonder how many are living the teachings of Jesus Christ calling it by many other names.  Those of us, who are practicing A.As’ spiritual principles are living in His image and likeness; loving, healing, and correcting our illusions of separation, and realizing our True Source.  We awaken to the Mystery of our Father Presence within us, washing our guilt away and restore our lost Self.  The indwelling Presence in union with my Created self (the indwelling Christ); is transforming what we eat into life.  I trust the Holy Spirit (The Spirit of Truth) to guide and inform us.  Thy Love, Thy Will be done.