"Pay Forward"

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is social. Where should my social gift begin? If I start with my personal "realities" plan of action it will be too limited. My personal “reality” is still limited by illusions of separation. Not feeling a part “of” and negative judgments do not foster a loving, healthy social life. Like all Prodigal Sons, I need to return to our Father at the beginning not the end. The characters in my current prayerful plan are; our Father, my Higher Self, my personal “reality” and those I am to be social with. I am starting at the root of my conflict, illusions. By our Father’s grace, this is to be a serendipity journey; not knowing where it will take us. I am starting this journey within, seeking a loving relationship with our Father at the inmost part of my soul, my Higher Self. I pray that our Father will touch my heart, mind and soul with the loving union I yearn for. My personal “reality” makes up illusions of separation drawing facts and causes conflict with me and others. My experience tells me I don’t deserve the loving relationship I am seeking, and I don’t know of anyone else that does. “Don’t call me good, it is the Father within doing the works.” Come let us love our Father first, then one another the best we can, transcending our personal “reality” and leave the results to Him. “If you don’t know what to pray for, recite the alphabet and let God create the prayer" (Anonymous). Thy Love, Thy Will be done.