Two Projects

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is emotional. Yesterday I started two new projects. I had a good deal of success with the most important one, and I failed with the other. I should be more grateful, but I am not. I reminded myself that today is emotional “Pay Forward” day. I decided on positive, loving emotions to pass on, but I could not stop the negative chatter. Maybe a gratitude list would work! I am reminded that a gratitude list cannot make me grateful. Gratitude always comes by grace when I realize our Father is the only True Source. I turned to our Father in prayer and meditation, but I could not stop the negative chatter. Like the Prodigal Son I will keep turning Home, even while acting like the Elder self-righteous brother. I think I will go for a swim; physical exercise will help cut down on the negative stuff. I am committed to keep turning to our Father even if I cannot feel His Presence; I intuitively know He is Omnipresent. If none of the above works going to my A.A. meeting will; letting me get out of myself by helping another. I will most likely see our Father Good Works - into action. I won’t tell them I am nuts, when the meeting is over, I may not be. We can be discouraged by failure, or we can learn from it. Today I choose to be a student and a teacher. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.