Understanding Times Two “Pay Forward” # 43

I greet The Indwelling Apprehend-er.

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Understanding.  Much like wisdom there are two types of understanding; one is spiritual and the other is out of our personal “reality” storehouse.  Human understanding comes from everything we experience real or illusion.  Spiritual understanding awakens within us at a deeper level.  It’s the ability to spiritually discern thoughts and ideas and their true relationship with our Creator, others and ourselves.  In A.A. our 12th Step states – “Having had a spiritual awaken as the result of these Steps,” this is a great beginning of a serendipity journey on our way to a deeper understanding.  As we practice these spiritual principles in all our affairs it is revealed to us that love and wisdom should work together.  Power is best expressed through love, and tempered with wisdom.  We will arrive at the place where, with the eyes of faith we will see proof in around and through us of the reality of our Creator; I choose to call our Father.  This takes place in the realm of ideas, not in form, although we may accomplish more in form than ever before, we know there are effects not the first cause.  When we fall in an old ditch, we accept our part in the wrong and quickly get out, dust ourselves off and surrendering all, and affirm our spiritual understanding.  We can use spiritual understanding anytime, we choose, just as we are free to us the principles of mathematics.  Thy Love, Thy Will be done.