Action Is The Magic Word

Today’s “Pay Forward gift is physical. Physical activity improves quality of life; it adds to our life and adds life to our years? Physical activity boosts mental and emotional wellness. Even my meditations and prayers flow better when I am physically active. Regular physical activity can relieve tension, anxiety, depression and anger. Unattended anger can turn into a resentment; our number-one offender. I am in the habit of meditating in the morning and evening. I can tell the difference when I miss my meditation even one day. The really stressful days I would meditate at noon but when I went back to work the negativity picked up again. I heard from a physical expert about the importance of exercise when we have a stressful day. We pump the fight or flight stuff throughout our body; it only burns off with physical activity. It was suggested that I take a walk or some physical activity before I sat down to meditate. When I took even a twenty-minute walk before my meditation, I was peaceful afterward. What if we treat our physical body as one, we loved and respected it? For sure, we want our physical bodies to serve us. Do unto others as we want them (our bodies) to do unto us. After all, our Father created our bodies and dwells in each of His creatures, how about loving His handy-work? Thy Love, Thy Will be done