Imagination – Real Or Illusion? “Pay Forward” # 42

I greet The Creative Imagination.

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - Imagination – Real Or Illusion? Both.     “Imagination is more powerful than knowledge," wrote Albert Einstein.  Imagination like all human attributes we come equipped with is intended for our fulfillment; it is a creative power, in which we may use or misuse.  Everything that is expressed was first a mental picture, and was brought into our experience.  Our personal “reality” or our indwelling Presence in which our imagination molds into shape must be taken into account.  I imagined one day I would punish the wrongdoers; that ideal took me down a violent road.  That which I had not dealt with took over, and violence erupted beyond my imagination. It took me to a violent place I thought was long gone.  Living A.As’ spiritual principles my heroes change to those in loving service.  We can see why prayer, meditation and contemplation are so important; offer us the best possible molds.  With practiced they open us to a divine union with our Creator’s individually divine design, who feed us with divine ideas, enabling us to carry out our Father’s intended purpose.  Our true heart’s desire, when it is being brought into consciousness by the indwelling Presence, is that purpose.  In an abiding faith our imagination let us see ourselves as our Father does.  When we take action on our imagination, we confirm it.   Today let us use our imagination to set the universal power into motion for the life we want.  Thy Love, Thy Will be done.