Our Father Offers Us Another Chance “Pay Forward” #39

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Our Father Offers Us Another Chance. If you are reading this, you are still alive, which means you can choose once again, to hang on to your defect or accept a correction. By our Father’s loving grace He has ongoing programs for correcting our defects. I have learned to cooperate with His grace and His replacement programs. I can use our Alcoholics Anonymous’ program, accepting that I do have defects that I want corrected, healed and transformed into workable assets. When I am wrong I can promptly admit it. I can deal with the exact nature of my wrongs by answering our Father’s Loving grace. Fear of love can cause me to live a lie. I have a fear that if I told you all about me I would not be loved or respected, so I lie. The nature of my wrong is fear and not trusting our Father as our True Source. At times it is a loving thing to do to lie to another person about something they cannot change, but not to ourselves. Here are some of our Father’s replacements: love for hate, peace for conflict, forgiveness for bondage, abundance for lack, service for selfishness, empowerment for powerlessness, enlightenment out of darkness, communication for withdrawing and on and on. By sharing the loving gifts given to us by grace we are part of our Father’s replacement program. No one can keep us from sharing our love, silently or openly, if we choose. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.