Emotions = Guidance System

Today's “Pay Forward” gift is emotional. Emotions and feelings are an important part of our guidance system. Perceiving our emotions and feelings when they popup we may try to reason with them or try to stuff them. We may even try to understand them and manage them. If we embrace our emotions and feelings; positive or negative we are given a choice. Yesterday I was angry at a person. The way I reacted was contrary to the way I tell myself how I want to react; forgiving, understanding and lovingly. Instead, I reacted with a helping of the “drug guilt and punishment." “Action speaks louder than words" (Mark Twain). No wonder I need to continue my radical training. I am learning the “angels” in my life need to know I care for and love them too. My negative emotions and feelings get far too much attention. I choose not to use the excuse “the devil made me do it!” Our divine guidance system is not an end in its self, but an important tool; we need to learn how to use. Alcoholics Anonymous gives us the tools; we need to sharpen our loving, serving and co-creating skills. My emotional “Endangered Species” list is growing. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.