Wisdom “Pay Forward” # 39

I greet The Indwelling Wisdom.

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Wisdom – a perfect balance between love, intelligence and timing.  “You are never asked to do more than you are able without being given the strength and ability to do it” Eileen Caddy. This divine energy flows into us and through us 24/7 at maximum strength; we only need to give it our consent.  Some A.A. members with little or no formal education often speak with wisdom, as they share their experience, strength and hope. They speak from their heart and experience; we can relate to; that's true authority.  “The soul center is God. When it has reached God with all the capacity of its being and strength it will have attained its final and deepest center, and it will know love” John of the Cross.  Intuitive wisdom tells me there is one common Solution; our Father. I choose to practice His Love and His Will in all my affairs. “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant" (Robert Louis Stevenson).  “Life is a journey, and where your finish line is has yet to be determined" (Anonymous).  “The Presence is immense, yet so humble; awe-inspiring, yet so gentle; limitless, yet so intimate, tender and personal...This Presence is healing, strengthening, refreshing...A door open within me, but from the other side.  I seem to have tasted before the mysterious sweetness of this enveloping, permeating Presence.  It is both emptiness and fullness at once” Father Keating.  Thy Love Thy Will be done.