But Who Do I Say I Am? “Pay Forward” #38

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - But Who Do I Say I Am? From time to time our Creator whispers intuitively into the depths of our heart, mind and soul the reason He created each of us individually. Forgetting for a moment, what others have told you who you are, and for what purpose you came into this world, and ask yourself, but who do I say I am? We shall never be joyous, happy and free trying to be what others may think we are or why we are here, even from those who love us the most or hate us. Others are only seeing some projection of themselves. I choose to seek to be who I am capable of being, that I might do what I am capable of doing, just as our Father Lovely and Willfully individually designed me, which is my highest function. We are the children He birthed into this world for His Purpose, so let us live like it, accepting with gratitude our inheritance. Today my intention is to focus my attention within - on my spiritual journey in the quest of my True Created Self. A.A. offers a set of spiritual principle that will chip away all that is not our purpose for being, if we are willing. I’m seeking through prayer and meditation to improve my conscious contact with our Father/Creator. I’m becoming more skillful using these spiritual tools, freely given to carrying out His Loving grace. I am becoming miracle minded. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.