Answering Our Call “Pay Forward” #37

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Answering Our Call. An out-of-work friend once said, "If I cannot find my calling I will have to take a j-o-b." Where can we find our calling, and How do we share it? The answer has to come from within. The good news is when we seek our Father’s Love and His Will our calling is revealed to us one moment at a time; its effectiveness depends our Father within, our only True Source. Let dawn bring the good news of our faithful calling, as we place our trust in our creator. Show us the road we must travel. Inspire us to do Your bidding; bring love into this world through our calling. Let us be a clear channel for whatever our Father chooses to reveal through us. Our service does not have to be spectacular; it is the love we put into each act of service. Alcoholic Anonymous offers us opportunities to lovingly serve, as we awaken we are to share our gifts with whomever we are with; letting go of our illusions of separation. Our calling becomes our individual way to bring our Father’s Love to the world. We are our Father with skin on, we are His channels. Negativity poisons us, but love heals us, restores us to wholeness once again. By blaming others we make it impossible to forgive ourselves or to accept it. Forgiving is for-giving. Come let us love you. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.