Training The Whales “Pay Forward” #36

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Training The Whales. When SeaWorld first opened I took one of my grandsons to watch the training of the whales. I learned a simple lesson that works in most relationships. The trainer would set the bar at a starting level, when the whale reach that level the trainer would reward the whale with a treat. When the whale failed to reach the new level, the trainer paid no attention to the whale, [note the whale was not punished]. The trained continued raising the bar each time the whale reaches the new goal until the whale reached the desired goal. Try this with someone you love; each time they do something that pleases you let them know you really like that. When they do something that does not please you don’t pay any attention to it [don’t punish them or show your displeasure], just let it pass by unattended. Do this for 40 days; don’t tell them what you are doing, just do it. Yes, I know we are not whales but most of us love to be told or shown when we are sharing something of value with a love one. Thy Love, The Will be done.