Social Commitment

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is social. “We give but little when we give of our possessions, it is when we give of ourselves that we truly give.” When I reached Alcoholics Anonymous, I was a user, taker and demander, I knew nothing about giving. When I awakened I realized those A.A. members who had what I wanted most were self-givers. If I were to have a life and be joyous, happy and free I had to learn to give of myself, first as an A.A. "duty," then I come to love service. As my sharing the Program was changing so was my love. I am so deeply grateful to our Father for giving us Alcoholics Anonymous, for those who live it, and freely sharing it. I am so grateful that I was given the “secret handshake”; giving of myself. Our Program takes us from a useless, harmful, self-centered, meaningless, worthless path to a loving way of life that makes a difference daily, as we give of ourselves. All we need to do to experience our Father’s Love and His Will is to give some of what He gave us. The size of our gift matters not, we only need to give of ourselves, and that is more than enough. Let us “Pay Forward” now by giving of ourselves to whomever we are with. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.