Divine Gratification “Pay Forward” #35

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - Divine Gratification. I just read, “The road leading to God does not entail a multiplicity of considerations, methods, manners and experiences …but demands only the one thing necessary; surrender of self” John of the Cross. I am willing to accept my part in the process of surrendering, but the world view I made up keeps getting in the way. Now is the only time we can experience Divine gratification, because now is the only time there is. Instant gratification is a way of life; wanting, demanding products, service and answers now. Our Creator within doing the works call life is always communicating Reality to us, through us. The problem is it passes through our personal “reality’s” filter system. We don’t see things as they are, but as we are. When I am impatient, it is because I am judging whatever as a waste of time, having no purpose. I was Intuitively given the solution; everyone and everything brings me a gift, and I have a gift for them to share, if I don’t pay attention, I miss it. I don’t have to understand it, I only need to accept it and act accordingly. “It may take much patience and a great deal of faith, but the end is as sure as is the reality of a Supreme Being itself” Ernest Homes. Only an infinite Creator could create and maintain this life 24/7. After surrendering, Divine Gratification takes patience, trust and faith in His Loving grace. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.