Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Acts Of Kindness “Pay Forward” #34

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Acts Of Kindness. Why don’t we hear about good deeds very often? No use turning to our television and daily newspapers, they are filled with violent crimes, all kinds of negative stuff. When I was in business we advertise on the Television News, because it had the largest TV ratings. The majority wanted to hear violent crimes and other negative stuff. Members of A.A. have a great many recovering people, who give of themselves daily. To pay forward is a perfect way for us to give away what we want to keep and expand. There are millions of volunteers all over this country dedicating them quietly, helping others from all walks of life. Any ordinary person can find a way to reach out and act with compassion and generosity, if they choose. We don’t have to have some special enlightenment, we could ask our Father to use us and my experience tells me He will. We can learn from other “Pay Forward” givers and draw on our own strengths to make the world a kinder place to live? For those A.A. members who have practiced A.A.’s spiritual principle as in a way of life, find that our selfish self-centeredness has been transformed into an enlightened self-interest; it is better for us to give of ourselves to those who still suffer, and to be forgive, and finding ourselves doing spontaneous random acts of kindness. Our “Pay Forward” gifts become extraordinary acts of kindness. Thy Love, Thy Will is done.