Storehouse Of Distrust

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is social. At a very young age I “learned” to distrust people. I arrived at Alcoholics Anonymous with an expanded storehouse of distrust. My lack of social skills was well noted. When dad fired me, he told me that I would have to work for myself or by myself because I could not get along with others. How painfully true that statement was! I was taken in by an Alcoholics Anonymous click group that loved Alcoholics Anonymous. They included me in all their activities; my trust was beginning to open a little. They overlooked my lack of social skills and the many mistakes I made. Building a degree of social skills didn't happen overnight. My A.A. friends helped me clear up my past mistakes and my ongoing mistakes. I picked up Alcoholics Anonymous’ tools and began using them, first in Alcoholics Anonymous, and then all my affairs. My social skills did improve; however, I had a long way to go. I learned not to trust someone beyond, their ability to be trusted; it wasn’t fair to them or me. The social skills I do have were given to me through our Father’s grace, practicing Alcoholics Anonymous and my willingness to do my part. No matter how many mistakes are made, I am willing to forgive, get out of the ditch, dust myself off and try again. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.