Individual Body = Purpose

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is physical. I shall not try to remake my physical body, but I am willing to make the best out of what You; Father created as me. Let me remember that You, Father created this individual physical body of mine for a purpose. I accept that my body’s capacity and days are numbered. I really don’t know what my capacity is or how many days I have. I have already gone far beyond what I thought I would. You have already blessed me with miracles; a healthy body and a physical of abundance beyond anything I should rightly desire. If I abused my car and did not service it or use the wrong fuel the way I abused and misused my physical body, I would have to ride a bus or walk. The physical body of this alcoholic had to endure certain circumstances that other living beings do not have to deal with and still live. “This above all; to thine own, self be true.” I think Shakespeare meant to be true to the individual Self our Father intended. We can share today’s “Pay Forward” by taking care of our physical body and physical world encouraging and inspiring others by our example. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.