Is This Really Unconditional? “Pay Forward” # 29

I greet The Indwelling Presence.

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Is This Really Unconditional? Yesterday I told a member what a great A.A. service he had done. He reacted with a deep sense of gratitude. Today I asked him to do a tiny act of kindness, and he reacted with a clear sign of displeasure.  Why was I able to pick up his negative reaction? The way I judge anyone or anything is coming from my personal “reality” storehouse. I could remember, even in the near past when I reacted in the same way. I just celebrated my sobriety as an active member of Alcoholics Anonymous; I wanted to be treated special after the celebrated. I’ve shared the Program with a great many, my denial tells me, for the most part, it was done in a spirit of unconditional love. However, when some of those I have “unconditionally” loved didn’t come to my celebration, I reacted with displeasure, to say the least. When I was sharing my awakened insight with another, I remembered an old defect.  When I have done something “good,” I want to be treated special in other unrelated events. An even older defect popped up. If I believe, you believe I am special we have a deal, when I no longer believe you believe, we have a problem. Oops, it’s time for another Moody Workshop,   Thy Love, Thy Will be done.