Physical Body And World As Needed

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is physical. I am reminded that our Father has a need for our physical body and physical world. Our physical world is our workplace, our school and our playground. Our physical body is the vehicle in which our Father expresses His Will, His Love. “Made in Heaven” is stamped on our heart with intuitive information about our Maker. These earthy vehicles come in every conceivable type, shape and size, with a wide range of power trains, and a generous color selection, and yet we are all unique. Although this physical body is self-perpetuating, self-renewing organism, it is still subject to our Makers Recall. Using the correct fuel and keeping our vehicle serviced and clean is our responsibility. We suggest that you use only authorized parts and service [Spiritual Principles] the often as possible. For our parts and service needs call the Alcoholics Anonymous Hot line for directions to an authorized Alcoholics Anonymous Spiritual Service Center. When the intended purpose for our Divine Designed physical vehicle is done it will be taken to the Heavenly Recycle Center. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.