Willingness To Share Life “Pay Forward” #25

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Willingness To Share Life. It takes a special person willing to die for another. However, I believe that it takes a very special person willing to live for others, and our Higher Created Self. I do have some experience giving of myself in loving service; sharing A.A.’s spiritual principles. Out of enlightening self-interest I’ve found a great deal of joy, happiness and freedom doing so. Helping others uncovers and discovers their Higher-self and a purposeful life is worth far more than the time and energy it takes. We are all going to die; the question is how are we going to live? If you had only six months to live how would you live it? Before coming to A.A I would have answered that question a lot different. I want to believe that I would stop, look and listen. I would stop the useless chatter and action, and stop bad-mouthing our human condition. I would look for the good only in myself and others. I am willing to accept that our Father has forever made our human flesh the privileged place of the divine encounter, conscious union with Him and our True Self. I would listen to our Father within for directions, and be wise enough to do whatever it would take to carry out my purpose in being, sharing all the love I am. Today I am too busy to die; I have a lot I want to share Thy Love, Thy Will be done.