Fruits From A.A.’s Orchard

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Fruits From Alcoholics Anonymous’ Orchard. Some of Alcoholics Anonymous’ fruits are always in season, ripe for the picking. We have a wonderful set of master tools. Tending to the orchard, we dismantled our illusions of our Father’s absent and distant. A few gather grapes from our vineyard and go off into a far country, making wine out of our table grapes. They will be more than welcome to come back, like the Prodigal Son. Let’s taste some of the fruit.  Joy - is a sense of well-being, contingent on our daily Spiritual condition. Peace - is a pervasive sense of contentment, coming from being rooted in our Father’s Love and Will, fully aware of our weakness. Meekness - is freedom from the negative energy, resentments or outbursts of anger and fear. Faithfulness - is our daily commitment to practice Alcoholics Anonymous’ principles in all our affairs. Gentleness - is a participation in our Father’s way of doing things; gentle but firm, living Alcoholics Anonymous’ code, “love and tolerance.” Goodness - is affirming of our Father’s Will as good, always having a purpose. Patience - is confidence in our Father’s unwavering supply of all we need to carry out the purpose He gave us. Self-control - is an awareness of our Father’s Presence, within each of His creatures. Service - is accepting the daily opportunities to pass on the fruits we gather from our Father’s Orchard. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.