Good Friday’s Awakening “Pay Forward” #20

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Good Friday’s Awakening. Until I began to live the A.A. program I couldn’t understand what was good about Jesus’ crucifixion, I had to hit my bottom first. Then I could understand a tiny bit of what Jesus must have felt while being crucified. “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” “Catapulted him into a state of being beyond the personal union with the Father which had been his whole life until then” Thomas Keating. His sacrifice opened up a way out for many of us. The word crucifixion means – the crossing out. Calvary means – “the place of the skull.” My hero, Jesus was the greatest teacher of Spiritual Principles – metaphysics [the Spiritual Law before the physical law]. Every time we give up a defect, there is a crucifixion. “Half measures availed us nothing.” A.A. has demonstrated through a great many of us the Spiritual Principles my Hero taught. The final battle, my resistance to sobriety [the crossing out – the crucifixion] had to take place in [Calvary] my skull. My personal “reality” had to be dismantled, and A.A. furnished the tools I need. My changing mind effects a corresponding change in all my affairs, even my body. My sobriety, joy, happiness and freedom are no longer based on anything I might possess or accomplish, but rather on my conviction in our Father’s grace. Today, I am so deeply grateful to know that the self-imposed prison can no longer keep me bound. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.