Blaming Others No More “Pay Forward” #178

I Greet The Indwelling Chooser.

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Blaming Others No More.  Many choose to live in darkness with our eyes closed, our ears stuffed, our fists tightly closed grasping nothing.  With a closed mind focused on self, our emotions fed with yesterday’s self-centered fears.  We abused our physical bodies and used others as objects.  We looked to people, places and things for our worth, meaning and purpose.  We went for spiritual junk food because we were so hungry.  We tried to control others and ourselves with guilt and punishment.  Being willing to practice A.A.’s simple spiritual principles, we find the individually created self we’ve longed for.  If we are willing to open our eyes, unplug our ears, open our hands to both receiving and giving, letting our emotions flow in its loving energy, and be open channels, we will receive everything we need to awaken.  We will find the way and the power to “seek God, clean house, and help others.” We do not change the Divine Laws when we plant corn instead of wheat, but we do exercise our power of choice.  We can choose once again, reminding ourselves that it’s our Father who creates.  We leave the results to our Boss. When you found yourself in darkness could you accept the idea that it was your choice? When you found yourself in conscious union with your Higher Power that it was a choice?  Thy Love, Thy Will be done.