The Salt And The Light “Pay Forward” Gift # 171

I Greet The Indwelling Bullseye.

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – The Salt And The Light.  To be the salt of the earth I must seek to serve others by sharing the gifts I have received through the grace of our Father, unconditionally.  Jesus showed us how to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world, by demonstrating the way, the truth and light.  I’m poor in spirit without Father’s grace, with it mine is the kingdom in heaven.  I can make a good difference.  With His indwelling Presence as my Source I practice His spiritual principles in all my affairs, as a preservative of His Divine Wisdom; the salt of the earth and a light in this world.  It’s the Father within us doing the good works.  When everything going my way, I love serving others.  However, I must love and serve them at their worst also.  I understand why Jesus drove home the importance of forgiving ourselves and others.  In every way we’ve received healing, we must share that healing with those who are still suffering.  Each time we give of ourselves our light grows brighter; proof of our Father’s glory.  Out of an enlightened self-interest I want to be known as the salt of the earth and a light unto this world, in the image and likeness my hero, Jesus.  Passing on what we want to preserve [salt], grows and expands, which enlightens us, touching the core of our Being/being; we light up the world.  Thy Love, Your Will be done.