Messengers “Pay Forward” # 156

I Greet Indwelling Messenger.

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Messengers.  I believe our pains as well as our joys are our growing up messengers.  Our pain tells us we are off our purposeful path, and our joy tells us we are on it. In my nightmare; I was trapped in a box with no way out.  I was trying to fight my way out, straining every muscle, and filled with fear.  I awakened with pain in my neck.  I’m busy with a number of projects, most of which I know how to do.  I continue my morning prep-work, which includes prayer, meditation, reading and writing, but I feel rushed.  I reminded myself that my neck pain is telling me I am off my mission path, I prayed for understanding.  The insight coming to me is simple.  Because most of the “too many” projects are things I can do I forgot to first center within our Father, leaving the results up to me alone and unaided.  I don’t think about my breathing as long as it is flowing freely, but let it get blocked and watch me turn to prayer.  I began building a habit of saying, Father, which centered me within my True Source.  At some point that habit lost it deeper meaning as heart knowledge and became head knowledge.  This pain in my neck reminded me I forgot to include my Source at all levels.  This does not require perfection, but a genuine striving for it.  Thy Love, Thy Will be done.