Our Father’s Day “Pay Forward” # 152

I Greet Our Father Within Us Doing The Works.

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Our Father’s Day.  If only we all could celebrate Our Father’s Day every day.  I am compelled to share with you the wisdom of one of my greatest heroes, Emmet Fox’s interpretation of The Lord’s Prayer.  “This simple statement [Our Father] in itself constitutes a definite and complete system of theology…In this clause Jesus lays down once and for all the relationship between God and man is that of father and child.  Jesus said: “If you, who are so full of evil, nevertheless, do your best for your children, how much more will God, who is altogether good, do for you.”  As His offspring, we must be in His image and likeness.  “It is a cosmic law that like begets like.”  The underlying cause of all trouble is fear; the illusions of separation from Our Father. “Next we see that the Prayer says not “My Father,” but “Our Father,” and this indicates, beyond the possibility of mistake, the truth of the brotherhood of man.  It forces upon our attention at the very beginning the fact that all men are indeed brethren, the children of one Father, and that “there is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is nether chosen nor unchosen. The belief in the superiority of one’s group or herd is an illusion. What if we all practiced this divine wisdom for one day, where would we be?  Thy Love, They will be done.