Teacher/Student “Pay Forward” # 145

I Greet The Indwelling Teacher/Student.

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Teacher/Student Are One.   Father I do love You, and Your Son, and all my Spiritual teachers/students.  I’m taught by Your inspired words, and those who walk their A.A. talk, and those who don’t, and my daily events.  I always play a part in every event and with people I am drawn to.  What I choose to do with them is up to me.  It is important for me to remember that I am to trust our Father for the results.  I choose to turn to our Father, as the sun rises, bring the dawn of a new day, it’s another chance to begin anew.  I choose to let go the limited good and problems of yesterday.  I choose an open heart and mind, accepting our Father’s upgrading.  I intuitively know His Gift-of-the day is a greater love and opportunity for service.  I choose to get up with the sun with an awakened gratitude for our Father, His Son and all the rest of us.  Divine love is the force that dissolves all that is not love and smooths out every obstacle.  Come let us awaken together and go about our Father’s Loving Business.  We are all both the Spiritual teachers and students who inspire one another.  A.A. has awakened me to the proof; when the student [the newcomer] is ready the teacher [sponsor] appears - when the teacher [sponsor] is ready the student [the newcomer] appears.  Thy Love, Thy Will be done.