The Path “Pay Forward” Gift # 121

 I greet The Indwelling Path Home.

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – The Path.  “Be kind whenever possible.  It is always possible”  Dalai Lama. Our Father answers the prayers of our heart. If we predetermine its way or form (outline), we may miss the gift. A prayer of the heart is to let our Father have His Way. The purpose for prayer, meditation, affirmations and contemplation are to open us to His alignment with His Presence and Action, which is infinite not finite like ours. Our part calls for faith in His grace. In our meditation let’s stop dwelling in the useless chatter, releasing our attachments. Listen in the silence for His Holy Voice. Be grateful to be in His Presence, even if He is not in your presence. Keep returning to the silence in an abiding faith.  My intention is better for me than my attention. An abiding faith in His grace is more important than a mental or emotional contact. Faith is a knowing the sun is always shining, but we may have to wait for morning. Let’s not dwell in the wilderness of our sub-conscious minds hidden in our illusions, where the sun is not shining. Keep turning in faith Home to our Father, He shows us the way. In the silence, He will reveal His purpose. Our Father also makes known His Will through His creatures, including humans. “I say watch and pray.” I am so grateful that He created Alcoholics Anonymous. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.