Training The Whales – Dismantling Defects “Pay Forward” # 112

I greet The Indwelling Miracle Worker.

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Training The Whales – Dismantling Defects.  When SeaWorld first opened I took one of my grandsons to watch the training of the whales. I learned a simple lesson that works in most relationships. The trainer would set the bar at a starting level, when the whale reaches that goal, the trainer would reward the whale with a treat.  Every time the whale failed to do so, the trainer paid no attention to the whale, [note the whale was not punished].  The trained continued raising the bar each time the whale reaches that goal, until the whale arrived at the desired level. Try this with someone you love; each time they do something that pleases you let them know you really like that. When they do something that does not please you don’t pay any attention to it [don’t punish them or show your displeasure], let it pass by unattended. Do this for 40 days, and don’t tell them what you are doing, just do it. Yes, I know we are not whales but most of us love to be told or shown when we are sharing something of value with a love one.  The results are truly miraculous, if you consciously and consistently practice this simple tool for the full term of 40 days. Like any real change there will be labor pains.  “Don’t worry about being good…Aspire to be authentic” Yann Martel.  Thy Love, The Will be done.