Each Of Us Has A Special Gift To Share - Ourselves “Pay Forward” # 110

I greet The Indwelling Giver.

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Each Of Us Has A Special Gift To Share - Ourselves.  Ordinary people doing extraordinary acts of kindness.   During this virus crises we’re hearing a lot about our First Responders, and rightfully so.  I am deeply grateful for them, not just in times of crises, but for their daily dedication throughout the years.  There are millions of volunteers all over this country dedicating themselves; quietly, helping others from all walks of life, that we will never hear of.  Any ordinary person can find a way to reach out and act with compassion and generosity, if they choose.  To “Pay Forward,” is a perfect way for us to give away what we want to keep and expand.  We don’t have to have some special enlightenment, we can ask our Father to use us; my experience tells me He will.  After all He created each of us as an individual, which means we have a purpose, His.  Giving of our self just as we are is a gift no one else can give.  We can learn from other givers and draw on our own strengths to make the world a kinder place to live.   For those who are practicing A.A.’s spiritual principles, as a way of life, find our selfish self-centeredness has been transformed into an enlightened self-interest; it is better for us to give of ourselves to those who still suffer; and doing spontaneous random acts of kindness.  Thy Love, Thy Will be done.