Our Father’s Intention “Pay Forward” # 103

I greet The Indwelling Intender.

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Our Father’s Intention. “It is in our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light” (Taylor Benson). I notice when I am into my dark-side I am on the defensive; looking for what is wrong in whomever or whatever. I found myself of late wondering around in the darkest night; an important time to turn to the Light and return to Love. I reach for the Light switch within using prayer, meditation and affirmations. I’m focusing my attention on our Father’s intention.  Spiritually, I’m active; turning to prayer, meditation and contemplation often, with an expecting faith. I’m proactive in Alcoholics Anonymous, expecting more from the Program, acting on what I am given. I expect more of myself, by giving of myself. Allowing others to be, whoever and however, our Father intends. I look for the good in everyone and everything, knowing our Father is Present within all. I am not wasting my life on the meaningless, worries, and nonsense. Our Father is directing me in a way I can currently hear, understand and follow. I am quick to accept and surrender whatever, to our Father. As soon the dark-side shows up, I turn to the Divine Light. I am committed to stay focused on our Father’s intention during my wakeful hours and not doze off in the middle of my life. Like a Prodigal Son, I’ve returned Home to our Father, and I am a willing worker in His Fields. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.