Inspiring – But Not Today “Pay Forward” #10

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is – Inspiring – But Not Today. It was very laborious for me to read a book in my early years in Alcoholics Anonymous, so I want every word I read to count. My sponsor suggested that I use what I could and set the rest on a shelf, one day it may become useful. When we heard about something Bill Wilson A.A.’s co-founder did we were likely to view it as very important. I was just learning to read when I heard that Bill was reading a set of books, Thinking and Destiny by H.W. Percival. I studied those two volumes for about a year. One of our members borrowed them, at the time I told her I had gone as far as I could, and not to be in a hurry to return them. Sixteen years later I remembered something I had read. I called the borrower and she said, I setting here looking at them come and gets them. My sponsor had proven correct once again. I have a guiding principle I practice daily – Everything and everyone I come in contact has a purpose, a gift for me. If I don’t pay attention, I may miss it.
Head knowledge often comes first in our development, and then a deeper understanding of spiritual principles follows, until our understanding ripens into wisdom. However that understanding doesn’t become ours until we put it into practice. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.