A JOURNEY INWARD - This Growth Questionnaire is not intended to give us reason to resent our past. Hopefully, the working through this will offer us some information and insight that can improve our present and future. This questionnaire is a journey inward not backward. AM I GROWING? After we have lived this Twelve Step Program way of life for a while, the best we can and have experienced some healing from one or more of our primary defects we may believe or wishfully think and feel that we will never repeat or express that defect again, then we fall into an old rut. We may say to ourselves, “I have not really grown; here I am doing it again and again.” Or perhaps we feel stagnate or our growth has stalled out. That would be a great time to do this questionnaire. Another good time to do this Growth Questionnaire is on you AA or 12 Step birthday. The Growth Questionnaire – Do you sometimes feel you have not grown very much? Try this if you have been in the Program a year or more. You are in for a big surprise. Three questions we can ask if we are growing or really changing are:How often do we experience ________________?How intense is it when we do experience _____________?What is the duration of the experience of ________________?

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