The Core Of Impatience “Pay Forward” #9

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - The Core Of Impatience. Some days, I’m in the wrong place, doing something I told myself not to do. What a waste of time and energy. Who wouldn't be impatient? One of the hardest things about practicing patience is that impatience feels so right. Impatience was one my major defects. I sponsored a guy for about three years; he had PhD Degree in Philosophy and a Master's degree in Business. I asked him a simple question, like how many meetings are you going to a week? He studied the question, like ten minutes before he answered. One time it was too much for me, and I told him I felt like a detective when I tried to share with him. I turn to our Father seeking guidance, and the answer came to me. I realized whenever I am impatient, there is one thing in common; I don’t see any value or purpose in it for anyone. By our Father’s grace I changed the way I share. Everyone I share with brings me a gift, and I have a gift for them, if I don’t pay attention, I will miss it. At the first sign of impatience, I turn once again to our Father and He blessed me with the answer. Love as patience is passive waiting to begin; not in a hurry, calm, ready to do its work when the summons comes, for love understands and therefore, waits. Thy Love, Thy Will Be done.