A 40-day Radical Training Commitment Theme For Day 9 – Your Faith Has Made You Whole “Pay Forward” #88

Today’s “Pay Forward” gift is - Radical Training Theme For Day 9 – Your Faith Has Made You Whole. I’ve had a very generous invisible means of support all my life, but I did not realize it until I joined A.A. February 6, 1957. Within a year and a half I had no doubt that our Father was doing for me what I could not do alone and unaided. I entered into a committed search for spiritual help. I had no relationship with our Father. Alcoholics Anonymous gave me the tools and opportunity to realize a loving relationship; centered in service. Now, it is the most important thing in my life. Before awakening to the Reality of our Father and the indwelling Presence within us, my thinking was located in head; good, and bad self-centered thinking. Along with my spiritual awakening came what I can call my Faith-thinking. Not merely and intellectual process, based upon reasoning. A Faith-thinker does less comparing, analyzing, or draw conclusions from known premises, and sees appearances as effects not a cause. Most likely, their judgments are based on spiritual discernment, not on their personal “reality.” Peter was asked – “But who say ye that I am?” I have to ask the question throughout the day – “am I a real Faith-thinker at this moment?” Sometimes, yes and other times no, I’m in radical training. Faith is spiritual assurance, the power to do the seemingly impossible, out of the invisible spiritual substance. We cannot separate our faith from our actions. Thy Love, Thy Will be done.